I, like most others, am multifaceted.

Professionally, I am a teacher librarian in a NSW government high school. I am new to the profession, currently job-sharing in a high school library as I work only two days a week. I am permanently employed as an English teacher, however, taking maternity leave afforded me the opportunity to return part-time into the school library setting. I am still learning and am loving the library environment. It is a profession and place of many changes, with more to come as libraries continue to adapt to ever-changing information needs of our communities.

Educationally, I have completed a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Secondary Education and Masters of Education (Teacher Librarianship), thus leaving me qualified to teach Library, English, History and Society & Culture. I am passionate about all of these areas, and many more, which is perhaps why I am so drawn to the library. I am passionate about books,  learning, teaching students about learning, and creating welcoming and practical library spaces (both physically and virtually). It seems the more I learn, the more I become interested in learning.

Personally, I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunty and friend. My greatest passion is my family. My children are young, five and three, and it is for them that I work only two days. Teaching them is both the most challenging and most rewarding aspect of my life and I hope that I’m doing enough things right to help raise them to be kind, thoughtful and intelligent contributors to society! My husband is my rock. My favourite things to do include spending time with him, our children, and our extended families. I love creating and am an amateur of various crafts, including (but not limited to) photography and photo-editing, writing, sewing and home improvements.


This blog is an exploration of my professional interests as a teacher librarian and a record of my learning journey.

I am still in mixed minds about this. The notion of learning and teaching should not be constrained purely to that of the library and my job title. My passions are not so cut and dry that I can easily catalogue or compartmentalise them. So whilst this is predominantly a professional blog, at times it may delve into topics that are only indirectly relevant to my role as a secondary teacher librarian.

As such, expect posts about library, education, books, reading, change, technology, literacy, makerspaces, STEAM and any other new ideas that fascinate me.


As frequently as I am able, which lets be honest, is probably nowhere near as often as I’d actually like.


A few reasons. Firstly as a place that I can gather my thoughts, passions, interests and try and organise them into something that almost makes sense. In essence, a diary of my learning and self-directed professional development. Secondly as a place where I can enjoy writing (as I do enjoy writing). And finally, hopefully and eventually, as a place that might help others striving towards similar ideals as myself.


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